HUM 122

In Fall 2016, I taught a new class, HUM 122: Popular Medievalisms, centered on the first books of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. At the end of the semester, students had the option of completing a creative project. I’ll be posting images of their products here!

A student made a replica of Dumbledore’s wand:

Another student was inspired by the weirwoods of Game of Thrones and the Whomping Willow of Harry Potter:

There was even a replica of Ned Stark’s sword Ice from Game of Thrones:

Another student wondered how Sansa would occupy herself during her imprisonment in King’s Landing and created this piece of embroidery:

We were treated to a Game of Thrones-inspired fashion show:

Another student thought about what their Game of Thrones House sigil and House words would be, and created this embroidered masterpiece:

One student asked the question “What Do Wizards Read?” They noticed that few references to books are made within the Harry Potter books, and inspired by the American Renaissance, they constructed a “pocket guide,” imagining that following the second wizarding war, wizards and witches might turn to Muggle literature.

Another student constructed a board game based on Game of Thrones!

LF 1.png

Here’s a diorama of the Winterfell godswood in Game of Thrones.

A student even created their own video game!

And finally, a Game of Thrones bestiary!

Other creative projects included fanfiction (focusing on Peeves from Harry Potter) and Game of Thrones-inspired diaries (of Sansa and of the common folk of King’s Landing).

More traditional projects explored the connections between medieval heraldry and bestiaries and both Game of Thrones and Harry Potter, medieval weaponry, illegitimate children, race, gender, etc. What a great array of projects!